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Florida Mature Driving Course
Auto insurance companies are required to give Florida residents ages 55 and older an auto insurance discount if they pass our course. Our top-quality mature driver safety courses that are approved by the Florida DHSMV and can help you feel more confident behind the wheel. Only $14.95.
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First Time Drivers Course
Our Florida First Time Drivers Course is approved by the DHSMV and satisfies all the requirements for TLSAE, D.A.T.A, A.D.A.P.T and Florida Drivers Ed. And once you pass our course, you're automatically registered to take your DHSMV exam online. Do Drivers Ed and get your permit with us.
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Convenient Payment Options
NDSS offers a flexible online traffic school program for Hillsborough residents. When you register for our traffic school course you get the option to pay upfront or before the final exam. You also get to chose between multiple payment methods and certificate delivery options.
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Hillsborough Traffic Ticket

Hillsborough traffic school is sometimes required of drivers who have gotten a Hillsborough traffic ticket. The good news is that you've found hillsborough trafficschool Services. Our Hillsborough traffic school is an online alternative to the old-style defensive driving programs. With those, you needed to dig through the phone book looking for someone who could help you get your Hillsborough traffic ticket dismissed, and usually had to drive out of your way and rearrange your busy schedule just to attend a class on someone else's timetable.

With NDSS, your Hillsborough traffic school is in session whenever it is convenient for you, day or night. If you feel like taking the course in small doses, that's fine. You can also power through the entire thing in one sitting, if that's more your speed. It doesn't matter to us, or the governing body, how you get through it as long as you complete the material and pass the final exam.

If you have a question as to whether this course can help you get a dismissal of your Hillsborough traffic ticket, feel free to give our customer service department a call. They have extensive information on how the rules work and what the procedures are for individual regions, and they're available live at the other end of the phone 24 hours a day. They can even assist you in getting registered for your course. Give them a call now, and get registered today! If you're not a phone person, just use our messaging system and send us an email. Either way, though, you need to get started to finish. Go now!

* Plus $5.00 State & Processing Fee